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I host conversations in these ways:

  1. group coaching
  2. experiential, arts-based education
  3. screenprinting & design for change
  4. mentorship and trainings

What would change for you, personally, if we held power together?

Too often, in our groups, at work, in school, online, or in partnerships, we are afraid to speak up for fear of being judged, or feeling hopeless about the impact of our voice.

When we feel a sense of belonging, we can tap into infinite skills, resources, and perspectives. We don’t have to do it all, or be everything, to be important. A group that allows for collaboration as an option is better equipped to deal with every challenge it faces.

We will build capacity in each other through the exchange of ideas and experiences.

We will take take risks together, and through this practice, each of us has a chance to be valued for who they are, and who we might become. Participants increase their trust in us through shared risk taking, and are more willing to offer their gifts in return.

We will ask questions, and make space for responses, solutions, and emotions, to co-create a space that is inspiring, messy, compassionate, challenging, and full of surprising solutions.