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I just discovered Margaret Wheatley and could probably pull a quote from every page to share with you. This one is extra special, though. It’s the quote that launched the first cohort of Mastermind for Creatives. I chose it because as freelancers or entrepreneurs we may strike out on our own, but we are only as strong as the sum of our relationships.

“An individual creates itself with a boundary that distinguishes it from others.

Every individual and species is a different solution for how to live here. As an individual makes its way in the world, it exercises its freedom continuously. It is free to decide what to notice, what to invest with meaning.

It is free to decide what its reaction will be, whether it will change or not. Life accepts only partners, not bosses, because self determination is its very root of being.

When biologist Lynn Margulis notes that independence is not a concept that explains the living world, this means that it’s only a political concept we’ve made up.

Individuals cannot survive alone. They move out continuously to discover what relationships they require, what relationships are possible.

To respond with speed and effectiveness, people need access to the intelligence of the whole system. Who is available, what do they know, and how can they reach each other? People need opportunities to “bump up” against others in the system, making the unplanned connections that spawn new ventures or better-integrated responses.”

From the book Finding our Way, Leadership for Uncertain Times by Margaret J. Wheatley

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