On Being a Freelancer

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In 2020 experts predict that 43% of the workforce will be freelancers. This includes anyone who offers their services to multiple clients with guarantee of permanent work. It’s a diverse term that includes artists, independent contractors, moonlighters, temp workers, and small business owners.

This work isn’t done in a vacuum but it sure can feel like it when I’m in between gigs. I had to take a moment this week to remind myself…

“I’m a freelancer. But I don’t work alone.”

I am paid by organizations to develop and deliver programs

I seek results with teachers and community champions

I network organizations, individuals, and collectives to create opportunities

I co-create with participants when they give me feedback and suggestions

I learn with and lift up my peers through regular coaching and support calls

I mentor young artists emerging as educators through values-based internships

I am mentored by professionals in facilitation, marketing and strategic planning

I learn from organizations, conferences, workshops, social media, books, and more.

It can be hard to keep in touch with everyone.

When you need support, advice, or ideas how do you tap into a network of dedicated, authentic, imaginative people who care about building a better world (and better programs)?

I’m working to build a community of practice by hosting facilitation trainings (like Art of Facilitation, Creative Facilitation), intentional gatherings like Mastermind for Creatives, having weekly or monthly mastermind calls with peers, and by going to events hosted by organizations I love.

What are your favourite ways to stay in touch with your chosen community?

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