Mastermind for Creatives

My life was absolutely transformed when I started a practice of focused reflection time with other social artists, arts educators, and creative coaches. At first it felt wasteful to book two or three hours per week for conversations with non-clients (I maxed out at 10 hours per week in January when I was deep in strategic planning mode – no regrets!). When I look back, scheduling these calls and coffee dates helped me carve out time for what is important.

This is what the weekly/monthly Skype conversations might look like: 15 minutes to catch up, 45 minutes each to talk out an issue in our work or personal life. And then to close, an update on weekly/monthly goals so we are walking away from the conversation with a plan. We might focus on just one person for the entire session, if they’ve got a time sensitive lesson plan or big launch to work through.

This feedback and advice from peers is so valuable, because they have a comprehensive understanding of the challenges I’m facing. They speak my language. They lead with questions and listen deeply. We inspire each other. And they give me the space to talk through issues that I can’t talk about with anyone else. Most importantly: they are committed to me and my professional growth.

I designed Mastermind for Creatives, a 5 week program, for you to witness yourself and 5 other people journey towards and reach milestones. I’m not gonna lie, the first cohort was pretty magical and I think it might be because of this shared committment to helping each other succeed. It might be all the coffee we’re drinking, too. 😉

It’s up to us to find the mentorship and support we might have once received from workplaces (30-40% of us now are freelancers and contractors, blerg).

This is for you if you need to try out new ideas, clarify goals or move past blocks, explore workshop or grant ideas before presenting publicly, talk though strategic plans, create workflows, or work through marketing plans.

Apply for Mastermind for Creatives on a rolling basis (3 spaces remain for September-October!) with this link:

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