Philosophy of Education


Mirroring, reflecting, and games promote connection by bringing all angles to light. I work to balance voice and power during debriefs and group discussions, ensuring that it’s not just the same voices being heard.


You’ll become a more confident creator with my toolbox of generative drawing and writing prompts & super fun games.  I believe everyone has the capacity to produce meaningful art, but that the real magic is in the process.


Screenprinting celebrates your voice through allowing you to create “multiples” – hundreds of objects can be printed with a single screen. These prints could share information, explore a current issue, act as cultural signifiers for emerging movements, or raise funds.


By sharing your authentic self (especially when it’s scary), you can create impactful shifts in culture. For instance, we can appreciate the work of generations of changemakers who came before us, but understand that our context is different.  Use an understanding of perspective and context to increase the impact of the story you tell the world.


I adapt my workshops for participants or groups with developmental or intellectual exceptionalities. My experience at H’art, Mosaic, and Providence, and my orientation towards a strength-based lens will give all students an opportunity to thrive on their own terms. Please connect with me if you have specific requests or concerns. I value learning with groups & feedback from participants.


Experiential Learning

Through my study in PYE’s Creative Community model, studying under internationally renowned facilitator Nadia Chaney, I use experiential learning to bring groups together across difference. I include in my toolbox the ability to lead effective debriefs, engage in conflict resolution, build safe(r)containers, and use a strength-based lens throughout all aspects of my programs. (see CV: CF Level 1&2, Community Arts Mentorship, Art of Facilitation intensive)

Art as Conversation and Action

I am inspired by the art of Barbara Kruger, Jenny Holzer, and Corita Kent, who use a few words and a single image, frequently from pop culture, as a challenge to the status quo. Recent programs (Pillow Talk, Protest Art Foundations, etc) have evolved in collaboration with community groups and teachers around themes that arise in my work such as protest, power, gender, feminism, conflict resolution and mental wellness. Current areas of study and artistic exploration in my practice include site specific installations, drawing, printmaking, writing, and collage.

Creative Re-use

Use squeegees made from cassette tapes, screens made from gauze sheers, and just tablespoons of water to clean screens. Sustainability in action, and affordable too! I have been making fabric art for social change for over twelve years, and this accessible, eco friendly process is integral to my work.

Emergent Design

In my workshops, and creative life, I invite people to create the world in new ways so that when a shift happens it comes from their values. I do this with methods and frameworks from Art of Hosting, Non Violent Communication, and systems thinking.