Screen Printing Party

A guaranteed winner for conferences and retreats, participants print tshirts, tote bags, or pillow cases in a pop- up screenprinting studio, building a stronger team, increasing engagement around a theme, or learning a new skill together. Ask me about custom screens with a logo, cultural engagement strategy, or conference theme.

Screenprinting party! Print colourful bunting with screenprinted and hand embellished messages about creating a more peaceful world, inside and out.

Pillow Talk

Brainstorm, ideate, and collaborate around mission, vision, or team values on a big pile of pillows with an artist-in-residence. In a number of sessions we set to meet your goals, your team will conceptualize, design, and screenprint cozy and thought provoking pillows in your board room, lunch room, or outdoor space. Funnest meeting ever!

Creative Conversations

An interactive, social art experience. Find new truths in generative and divergent  dialogue, metaphor, imagination, and collaborative process. Help your group build authentic connections by creatively exploring values, needs, and emotions. Some tools we might use: improv games, visualization, pastels, markers, pencils, post its, music, freewriting, and conversation.