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Mastermind for Creatives: Winter 2020

Have a project or idea that needs a kickstart? Meet experts in other fields who are excited to problem solve for and with you. This 6 week journey begins January 12th, and runs weekly from 1-3pm each day.

Complex decisions will feel easier with the wisdom of the group. You’ll receive metaphors, resources to help you fill gaps, and thoughtful questions to help you take the next step. You’ll realize how much you know when you offer the same back to others.

Registration for Mastermind for Creatives: Jan/Feb is currently open. It closes on November 20th, with a waitlist. So if you’re interested in joining, reach out right away with any questions or concerns.

GIFT Film Screening and Gift Exchange: December 1st, 3:30 at the Screening Room in Kingston (120 Princess)

The art of gifting lies not only in how we give, but also in how we receive. You are invited to bring an unwrapped object that has value (sentimental, practical, aesthetic, humourous, etc) or a gift certificate/physical representation for any service you would like to offer (a custom poem, a coffee date, a jam session, a ticket to a movie or concert, etc).

3:30-4:00: Gift decorating: you will have the opportunity to artfully adorn the object or concept you are offering using supplies provided. Story cards are provided if you would like to provide more details about your object (ie the history of the gift and it’s importance to you, the hope you have for the gifts future, any details about the intangible values within your gift.
4:10-5:40 Screening
5:40-6:10 Community Gift Exchange and discussion

Inspired by Lewis Hyde’s beloved classic The Gift: Creativity and the Artist in the Modern World, GIFT is a richly cinematic film, interweaving character-driven stories. On North America’s Pacific Northwest Coast, a young Indigenous man undertakes the elaborate preparations for a potlatch—to make a name for himself by giving everything away. In Rome, Italy, a factory occupied by migrant families is transformed into a living museum, protected by a “barricade of art”: a model of resistance, and an invaluable gift. In the pirate utopia of Burning Man, a mutant bumblebee art car distributes honey in a post-­apocalyptic desert landscape. Meanwhile, in Auckland, New Zealand, artist Mingwei Lee prepares to launch Sonic Blossom – a “transformative gift” of song. GIFT is a tribute to something that can’t be measured or counted, bought or sold. Exploring the parallels between artists’ work and a gift economy, it’s a reflection on the creative process, the reasons we “labour in service of our gifts”, and a celebration of the imagination

The funds raised will kickstart the research and development phase of an after school program, consultations have already begun through the Y2K Youth Summit on November 21st of this year.

Help me support young artists and changemakers in using screenprinting, zines, stickers, and button making as creative conduits to build their presence in the world.

Entry to this experience is PWYC/by donation, and as such all tickets will be sold at the door.

See you there!