Building relationships with rain

I am one of Kingston’s leading experts in managing stormwater runoff as a part of green infrastructure. I love to share my hands-on knowledge of greywater system design, permaculture, and low impact development. I do this by designing and leading workshops, charettes, and consulting for community groups towards transforming landscapes with new approaches in water management.

Green infrastructure builds on the principles found in nature. In my workshops, participants will see and touch the systems at work and gain a practical understanding in a classroom environment. Participants leave my workshops feeling energized and inspired to put these tools to use. This work is supported by certificates from the Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association, Credit Valley Conservation (LID), Greywater Action, and workplace training from Village Water Services, Phoenix Composting, and Root Radical. Latornell and Grey-to-Green conferences keep me current with best practices and connected to a network of other professionals.